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Hector Galán has been producing and directing documentary films for over twenty five years. He has produced and directed eleven films for the PBS series FRONTLINE, films for THE AMERICAN EXPERIENCE, and many critically acclaimed and award-winning independent films such as feature documentaries, music documentaries, and documentary series. Galán founded his independent production company, the Austin Texas based Galán Inc. Television/Film in 1984.

Most recently,  Hector Galan completed principal photography in the Middle East and Europe and is near completion on the post production of  an exciting six hour series, THE ROAD FROM CHRIST TO CONSTANTINE hosted by London based Jonathan Phillips. Produced and directed by Hector Galan. Executive producers are Jerry Daigle and Michael Arata of Sunrise Films, LLC. Original Music composition by Joseph Julian Gonzalez. Click here to watch the trailer.

Production is set to start summer of 2013 on Children of GIANT, a  film that unearths deeply wrought emotions in the small West Texas town of Marfa, before, during and after the month-long production of George Stevens’ 1956 feature film, Giant.Based on the controversial Edna Ferber novel of the same name, the film, Giant did not shy from strong social-issue themes experienced throughout post-WWII America.  Award-winning documentary filmmaker, Hector Galan weaves clips from the feature film with the voices of the Mexican American and Anglo townspeople, cast and crew who experienced this unique conjunction of art and life in the summer of 1955.Executive producers are Carolyn Pfeiffer and Hector Galán and producers, Karen Bernstein and Evy Galán.

Also, a film in pre-production is THE WAR WITHIN, a documentary series intended for PBS that tells the historical story of Latinos in America’s Wars from the American Revolution to the present. As the son of a World War II veteran, this story is close to Galán and quite personal.

Also in the works is the third of  Galán’s  Tejano music trilogy, which will follow Songs of the Homeland and Accordion DreamsORQUESTA! brings the early Tejano Big Band sound to life and mirrors the history of the Mexican American experience of the 50s and 60s through the music.

Galán Inc. films include: the PBS series Chicano! History of the Mexican American Civil Rights Movement, Visiones: Latino Art and Culture, Chasing the Basketball Dream, Who Cares About Children, in the Shadow of the Capitol,  The Dallas Drug War, Stopping Drugs, New Harvest, Old Shame, Shakedown in Santa Fe, Cuba:A Personal Journey, Los Mineros, The Hunt for Pancho Villa, Songs of the Homeland, Forgotten Americans, Vaquero The Forgotten Cowboy, Accordion Dreams, Los Lonely Boys Cottonfields and Crossroads and many more.


Children of Giant receives production grant from Latino Public Broadcasting

James Dean on the set of Giant

Latino Public Broadcasting (LPB) has selected Children of GIANT(Galan Inc.) for a production grant from their 2012 Public Media Content Fund. Children of Giant will start production in Summer of 2013. Children of Giant explores social issues throughout history, weaving a scenic exploration of the Academy Award winning film, George Stevens’ Giant, and contemporary interviews. The film will include interviews with local people in Marfa, many of whom were involved with the making of Giant, as well as cast members and production crew. . Children of Giant is directed by Hector Galán.  Executive producers are Carolyn Pfeiffer and Hector Galán  and producers, Karen Bernstein and Evy Galán.


June 2013


Jonathan Phillips

The Road From Christ to Constantine, hosted by Jonathan Phillips, Royal Holloway University of London historian and frequent consultant to BBC Radio and BBC Television,  is a series of six brilliant one-hour episode which follow the path of a small Jewish sect as it grows into the world’s largest religion, Christianity.


The series takes viewers on a journey inside the New Testament to the actual places where real people lived momentous events that changed the world forever. Our host, Jonathan Phillips explores these sites with renowned archeologists, historians, and theologians to discover just how the world’s largest religion sank its roots, struggled to survive, and finally triumphed. Shot on HD blu-ray.

The series is produced and directed by Hector Galan. Currently finishing post production, the series will be completed in summer 2013. Executive producers are Jerry Daigle and Michael Arata of Sunrise Films, LLC.


June 2013


Now available on DVD at Texas Folklife

The Big Squeeze is a joyful leap into the heart of Texas music. And where there’s music there’s usually some grilling going on. That’s why Herminio Ramirez builds a stage right in the tiny kitchen of their Houston home for his son John. From the urban barrios of Houston to the colonias along the U.S.-Mexican border, legacies fueled by the passion-stirring combination of family, friends and food, is being passed along. In The Big Squeeze, we follow 16 year old John Ramirez and other young musicians as they do battle at the statewide accordion throwdown.

The Big Squeeze had  its world premiere at the SXSW Film & Music Festival

a production of Galán Inc for Texas Folklife.

February 2010

In Production

Recent Filmography

Los Lonely Boys – Cottonfields And Crossroads

After a childhood of playing cantinas and honky tonks, Los Lonely Boys blazed onto the music scene with a 2004 self-titled debut release that went multi-platinum and a 2005 Grammy win for their hit single, “Heaven”. The Garza brothers- Henry, Jojo, and Ringo- have a unique signature sound they call “Texican”. Los Lonely Boys Cottonfields and Crossroads brings their amazing story to the screen.

Acclaimed documentary filmmaker Hector Galan, himself a San Angelo native, fuses exciting live performances, vivid imagery of West Texas, intimate personal stories told by the band and their family, weaving a historical and cultural perspective on Los Lonely Boys, their Mexican-American roots and musical influences.

The film had its world premiere at the 2006 SXSW film festival and its West Coast Premiere at the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival. It was nominated for a 2007 Imagen Award for Best Documentary film and screened at the 3rd annual Turks & Caicos International Film Festival in October 2007.

National PBS Television Broadcast: Sept. 2008.


April 2006


The award winning VISIONES:LATINO ART & CULTURE is a journey through the music, words, dance, painting and performance of rich Latino cultures made more complex and fascinating by their history in our country. Visiones Logo with Montage by LatinWorks The series explores how contemporary Latino artists continue to build on rich traditions that reflect a unique multi-ethnic experience, taking established art forms and reinventing them, constantly challenging themselves and the communities which nurture them. From New York City’s break-dancers to mural-painters in Los Angeles and Chicago to theater in Texas, the series offers a unique cross section of Latino artists working today.

A co-production of the National Association of Latino Art & Culture and Galán Productions, Inc. Presented by ITVS, co-presented by Latino Public Broadcasting. Executive Producers: Hector Galán and Sally Jo Fifer (ITVS)


May 2005

I Love My Freedom, I Love My Texas

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I Love My Freedom, I Love My Texas; On the Road with Mingo Saldivar Y Los Cuatro Espadas

Mingo Saldivar takes center stage in this electrifying music performance documentary that will surely make you want to dance. Produced and Directed by Hector Galán, I Love My Freedom, I Love My Texas captures the passionate spirit of one of conjunto’s most admired and popular accordion masters who is considered a National Treasure. Mingo Saldivar was honored by the National Endowment of the Arts with the highest honor- the National Heritage Fellowship for lifetime achievement in American music traditions. Mingo Saldivar and his band, los Cuatro Espadas (the Four of Spades) take us into their world and behind the scenes as they travel the highways and backroads of Texas in their RV. We go with Mingo all over- from honky tonks to Texas size dance halls.

Mingo Saldivar is known as “The Dancing Cowboy” for his unique stylized dancing moves as he pours his heart and soul into his exciting accordion style while performing. He has taken his accordion-driven conjunto all over the world. His artistic reputation has spread outside of Texas and the Southwest through performances throughout the country and in Europe, including at venues like Carnegie Hall, presidential inaugerations, at universities, and on a special tour of Africa and the Middle East sponsored by the U.S. Information Agency. He has performed extensively in northern Mexico where his fans have developed a dance in his honor, called Mingo Mania. Texas born and Texas bred, Mingo Saldivar, in a career spanning five decades, pays tribute in “I Love My Freedom, I Love My Texas”, to the very land from which conjunto music was born.

Hector Galán: Producer, Director, Film Editor

April 2005

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